Sunday, April 15, 2007


aaaand another little beauty from =)

it goes by the name of Sling, and puts you into the toll of one of these little green gooey hand thingies you used to play with when you were a kid. you basically use your elasticity and bounciness to catapult yourself from one hook to another. Reach all hooks (or "grabs", as they are called in the game) while dodging all sorty of moving walls and spikey things, you get to teleport yourself to the next level.

Nice graphics and funny little cutscenes made me just waste another hour of my life. Have a look yourself

Cannon Bods!

I found this while browsing, one of my favourite hunting grounds for fun flashgames.

In this game, pirates are parachuting into the ocean for some reason. Your goal is to shoot them down, and in order to do that, you are in control of a cannon on a boat. It's loaded with .... more pirates! The catch is, you can only shoot down the same type of pirate that is loaded in your cannon.

It starts of rather relaxed, but with having to judge the power of your shots, your boat moving around and seagulls getting in the way, the action soon becomes fast and frantic. All in all, a good, fun way to kill a few minutes inbetween whatever boring tasks are wasting your life at the office

Click here to have a go!

Tower Defence!

Remember the "Tower Defence" custom maps for Warcraft 3? The goal was to prevent hordes of monsters from crossing the map. The catch was, you could only do that by building towers. I wasted far too many hours playing that, and i loved it. There have been countless variations of this topic over the time, and due to the simple but fun game principle i haven't found one yet that didn't at least keep me occupied for a few hours.

This little game is one of the better browser conversions, and is awfully fun to play. Check it out


testing, testing .... a timekiller a day wastes the hours away \o/